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Food & Household
Wellness & Well-Being Inflammation and Weight Gain
Learning & Technology 2014 Moon Cycles to Grow Hair
Personal Finance Fitting Charity into a Busy Life
Green Living Too Much Antibacterial?
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Snow, Snow Blow Away
Fitting Charity into a Busy Life
Inflammation and Weight Gain
Too Much Antibacterial?
2014 Moon Cycles to Grow Hair
Style Star Lupita Nyong'o

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New Food Labels
The FDA released new package information guidelines for foods that display realistic calorie counts and distinguishes Added versus Natural sugars. 
Trans Fats No More
In light of the Affordable Healthcare Act, the FDA was no doubt compelled to target one of the biggest causes of poor health nationally, trans fats. What's next? Click Here
The Lesson JayZ and Barneys NYC
Mama may have. Papa may have. But God bless the child that's got his own. Look for Jay stumping for the Barney's paycheck at Xmas. Click Here



Snow, Snow Blow Away

Before you purchase a snow blower, you need to know several important things to be sure the snow blower you choose is right for both your snow and you.

Inflammation and Weight Gain

this article talks about how inflammation in the body causes you to gain weight.

2014 Moon Cycles to Grow Hair

The pull of the moon controls the ocean's tides. Emergency rooms are extra busy on full moon nights. Farmers plant and harvest crops based on lunar cycles. The moon influences growth rates in nearly all living things and that includes human hair. Cutting hair at the right moon time has big benefits for strength and length.

Fitting Charity into a Busy Life

Too Much Antibacterial?

the antibacterial compound triclosan suspected to contribute to the growth of drug-resistant superbugs is found in numerous beauty and household products.

Style Star Lupita Nyong'o

red carpet fashions of Actress and Style Star Lupita Nyong'o